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During September 17-21, 2014, the “17th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology & 19th Congress of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society” was held in the Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Center. Professor Wang Ningli, Chairman of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society, Party Secretary and Vice President of Beijing Tongren Hospital, held the post of chairman of the conference.

Members,famous ophthalmologists and major manufacturer representatives of the ChineseOphthalmological Society attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition

“Improve primary care doctors’ level and boost the development of integrated medicine”

With the theme of “improving primary care doctors’ level and boosting the development of integrated medicine”, the Chinese Ophthalmological Society covered the latest clinical and preclinical medicine research results and future development in ophthalmology and vision. Numerous famous domestic and overseas experts were invited to make special reports at the conference. As a diamond-level sponsor of the conference, Sinqi set a specially decorated exhibition area to share its latest achievements in the field of eye health with domestic and overseas industry delegates and to promote the development of the Chinese eye health cause with the industry.

In accordance with ophthalmology specialties including cataracts, vitreous body retinal disease, blindness prevention an epidemic disease, keratonosus, glaucoma, neurophthalmology and ophthalmology of traditional Chinese medicine, the conference set 20 theme conference halls. Exchanges and discussions were carried out based on the latest progress in new ophthalmology clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, new control measures, R&D and education through Wet Labs, video exchanges, wall poster exchanges, picture exhibitions and operation live broadcasts. Therefore, the latest research results were shared in ophthalmology and vision science.

SinqiPharmaceutical Diyou Exclusive Launch Satellite Conference Site

Sinqi’s platform was extremely splendid

In the annual ophthalmology meeting, Sinqi Pharmaceutical established a specially decorated booth in the core position of the exhibition area, highlighting Sinqi’s corporate philosophy of “serving ophthalmology wholeheartedly”.

ProfessorWang Ningli, Chairman of the conference visited Sinqi booth and took a photowith Mr. Zhang Shaoyao, Vice General Manager of Sinqi Pharmaceutical


During the three-day exhibition, Sinqi Pharmaceutical held the “Sinqi Forum”, a classical exhibition brand program. Sinqi invited 24 famous ophthalmologists around the country to organize a Sinqi expert team. They “began lecturing” in Sinqi’s specially-decorated booth and carried out abundant special academic lectures about the cutting-edge clinical and basic medical knowledge of the current field of ophthalmology. Numerous primary care ophthalmologists and experts carried out field interactions and exchanges with one climax after another.

Sinqi’s forum was popular from thebeginning, with many doctors present to listen to the academic feast

In the interactive area, Sinqi’s interactive content with edutainment became a window for doctors to learn about enterprises, including the enterprise Qipanshan plant publicity film with LED display, somatosensory interactive game programs, interactive wheel with knowledge and fun, 360° large screen panorama plant demonstration. Meanwhile, in combination with the latest WeChat interactive forms, Sinqi invited a large number of participating experts and doctors to learn about relevant enterprise contents through online means.

During the exhibition, thousands of ophthalmologists around the country visited Sinqi’s booth and carried out wide exchanges with Sinqi’s professional academic staff to learn about the latest progress of the enterprise.

Participating doctors scanned the Sinqiofficial WeChat QR code, attended field interactive Sinqi Satellite Conferenceand highlighted “star” products

During the conference, Sinqi Pharmaceutical held two special lunch satellite conferences, which invited the famous ophthalmologists Professor Liu Zuguo, Xie Lixin and Sun Xinghuai as hosts. Professor Yao Ke, Sun Xuguang, Gong Lan and Xu Jianjiang delivered splendid theme speeches on the conferences. All the experts shared their latest academic research results and hot points around Sinqi’s brand products with participating representatives.

Academician Xie Lixin hosted the SinqiSpecial Satellite Conference

Afro-Asian exchange revealed the development of Chinese ophthalmology

The conference was also the 17th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology. The special conference focused more on enhancement and innovation, including ten major areas of progress in Chinese ophthalmology, integrated ophthalmology, etc. As an important exchange platform in Afro-Asian ophthalmology circles, the conference discussed the cutting-edge academic research contents of excellent domestic and overseas ophthalmologists and demonstrated the charm of inter-disciplinary and integrated medicine.

About Afro-Asian Ophthalmology Association

As one of the conference sponsors, the Afro-Asian Ophthalmology Association is the most time-honored academic organization in the Asian and African ophthalmology fields with a history of 44 years. The association holds a large-scale ophthalmology conference every four years.

Ophthalmology academic feast shone in the ancient city of Xi’an

As the grandest academic conference in Chinese ophthalmology circles in 2014, the conference invited more than 600 famous domestic and overseas ophthalmologists to carry out academic exchanges and speeches in almost 200 special subjects in all the fields of ophthalmology, and attracted over 11,000 ophthalmologists and manufacturer representatives to attend. More than 200 domestic and overseas ophthalmic hospitals, medical equipment and medicine manufactures participated in the exhibition.

Magnificent and bright Sinqi booth

It’s said that the conference received almost 1,000 ophthalmology articles, involving basic and clinical research related with ophthalmology, ophthalmology management, research articles or experience in scientific research methods and education, ophthalmic videos, pictures and drawing materials, etc.