Release time:2014-06-08 author:兴齐眼药

From June 4-7, 2014, the 77th Annual Meeting of the Canada Ophthalmology Association, sponsored by the Canada Ophthalmology Association, was grandly held in the World Trade and Conference Center of Halifax, Canada. It’s the grandest academic conference in Canadian ophthalmology. The world’s top ophthalmologists and more than 1,200 participating representatives carried out exchange by means of seminars and lectures to share the cutting-edge ophthalmology knowledge and technology. Mr. Newsun, Chairman and General Manager of Sinqi, attended the grand conference with his team.

The annual meeting covered the latest clinical and research results in ophthalmology, and revealed the future development trend of international and Canadian ophthalmology with a strong academic atmosphere. During the 4-day ophthalmology conference, the committee invited numerous authoritative ophthalmologists to carry out special seminars, operation demonstrations, case discussions, focus debates and essay exchanges based on the latest and cutting-edge academic research and ophthalmic clinical cases through videos, reports and other means. Many ophthalmologists attended seminars and proposed positive questions. The Canada Ophthalmology Association’s conference is a chance for those who are engaged in ophthalmic clinical and basic research in North America and Europe to learn and exchange with each other.

As a national brand in the Chinese ophthalmology industry, Sinqi also had people positively participate, focused on the latest research results of top and young ophthalmologists, experienced products displayed by exhibitors, and carried out interaction and exchange with them.

Sinqi attaches great importance to participating in international ophthalmology conferences. By attending international conferences, Sinqi can learn and understand the latest research dynamic trends and academic development of international ophthalmology, expand the opportunities to exchange and cooperate with excellent enterprises in the same industry, publicize Sinqi as a Chinese national ophthalmology enterprise, help more international experts and enterprises recognize and get familiar with Sinqi’s brands and products, and expand its influence in the international market.

By attending the conference, Sinqi has a more comprehensive and in-depth recognition of the international ophthalmology academic field and relevant products, laying a solid foundation for its future development.