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During May 4-8, 2014, the annual Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conference was grandly held in the Orlando Orange County Convention Center on the East Coast of the US. Dr. Tang Hai, Director of the Sinqi R&D Center and Dean of the Sinqi Medicine Research Institute attended the conference with his team.

ARVO leads ophthalmology and vision research

ARVO’s Annual Conference is the largest and most famous ophthalmology and vision research organization in the world held by the ARVO. At present, the annual conference has already become the most authoritative conference in the global ophthalmology research field.

With the theme of “leading ophthalmology and vision research”, the ARVO Annual Conference covers numerous topics such as keratonosus, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataract, xerophthalmia, vitreous body retina operation, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

The conference attracted more than 800 global ophthalmology manufacturing enterprises and research organizations to participate. Exhibitors revealed their latest ophthalmology treatment medicines, advanced ophthalmology medical equipment, ophthalmology operation methods and animal models applied to screening eye disease treatment medicines to ophthalmologists.

Sinqi Pharmaceutical appeared at AVRO

As the sole domestic ophthalmic manufacturing enterprise in the conference, Sinqi set an exclusive booth near the venue’s center as an exhibitor to display its comprehensive strength as a Chinese national ophthalmology brand to domestic and overseas ophthalmologists.

During the conference, numerous participating experts and representatives visited Sinqi’s booth, inquired about the company’s existing products, progress in research and whether it considered entering the European and American market. When they learned that its newly plant invested and constructed by Sinqi was completed and entering the FDA and EU GMP certifications, numerous excellent foreign enterprises expressed that they wanted to discuss the possibility of cooperation with Sinqi, accelerate Sinqi’s pace to enter the European and American market, and realize a win-win situation.


Domesticand overseas experts visited the Sinqi booth and carried out in-depth exchangeswith Sinqi colleagues


Dr.Tang Hai, Director of Sinqi’s R&D Center and Dean of Sinqi MedicineResearch Institute introduced the corporate situation to foreign experts

POSTER presentation demonstrates Sinqi’s academic strength

During the conference, various research institutes and ophthalmic enterprises took the poster presentation opportunity to reveal their respective latest research results in ophthalmology, becoming one of the highlights in the conference, and gathering the most popular topics exchanged and discussed in ophthalmology in the world. 

At the conference, Sinqi exhibited the LC-MS-MS analytical method about ciclosporin concentration determination established by Sinqi’s research pharmacology and pharmacokinetics laboratory, and the application of the method in ciclosporin rabbit internal pharmacokinetic research by the means of poster.

It was the first time Sinqi had submitted enterprise research contents to international academic conference by the means of poster, which were also accepted. Zhao Xin, Article Author and Director of Sinqi’s medicine research pharmacology and pharmacokinetics laboratory, stated his research in the poster area. It was also the first time for a Chinese national ophthalmic enterprise’s independent research content to be accepted and recognized by AVRO. In the poster exhibition site, Sinqi’s research attracted numerous ophthalmologists to visit and exchange with each other.

At the conference, “Sinqi” revealed itself to the world’s ophthalmologists again as a successful ophthalmology brand. Owing to its persistence, efforts, intensive cultivation, and pioneering innovation, Sinqi is marching towards a competitive ophthalmic research and manufacturing enterprise in the world.

Author testimonial (Zhao Xin, Director of Sinqi’s medicine research pharmacology and pharmacokinetics laboratory):

It’s the first time for me to stand in the ARVO poster area as a narrator to talk about Sinqi’s own research topic. I feel so excited and proud because of the striking Sinqi logo on the poster behind me. When many science researchers who have great interest in our research come to inquire me “where you’re your company come from”, I would answer then proudly, “Liaoning Province in China”. I would also introduce relevant information about Sinqi Pharmaceutical, which is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in ophthalmic research, production and sales.

In my eyes, I participated in the international academic conference to introduce our unique research contents to industry experts and participants by the means of contribution as a front-line researcher from a Chinese enterprise, showing the international academic conference’ s recognition of our research work and improving corporate awareness to a greater extent.

This will become our work emphasis in the future, making timely summary and publication after diligent tests. We will improve our own scientific research level, including topic selection, establishment of experimental schemes, operational ability and operability of various ophthalmic instruments, and then publish more articles because articles are the best means to reveal our scientific research ability. 

ZhaoXin, Director of Sinqi medicine research pharmacology and pharmacokineticslaboratory and her research topics

Poster Presentation

When overseas universities and scientific research organizations exhibited academic results and carried out international academic meetings, the committee determined that articles should be published by means of presentation or academic paper posters due to the limited time for paper presentation. Poster presentation is one of the two exhibition forms for achievements in the conference. Now, the academic exchange form has been introduced on many occasions domestically.