Release time: 2014-08-10   author: 兴齐眼药


Sinqi takes ophthalmic medicines to Ludian; Yunnan, come on!

The Ludian Earthquake influences all Chinese

At 16:30 on August 3, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake took place in Ludian, Zhaotong, Yunnan with the epicenter’s depth at 12 kilometers, making it the severest earthquake in Yunnan in the past 18 years. After the earthquake, all circles of life in society aided to contribute their love to the Ludian disaster area. 


Ophthalmologists rapidly go to the front line of the disaster area

After the earthquake took place, The Central People’s Government and the People’s Liberation Army immediately organized medical aid organizations to carry out rescue work in the disaster area. Dr. Yu Danyang from the Ophthalmology Department of the Kunming Military District General Hospital went to the front lines and attended the disaster relief action on the night of the earthquake as a military ophthalmologist.

In the disaster area, Dr. Yu Danyang and medical care teams found many patients who suffered eyelid contusions. Medical workers urgently carried out debridement and anti-infection treatment for them. Meanwhile, due to the intense rains in the earthquake area, the environment became very harsh, patients with infectious eye diseases kept increasing dramatically, and eye drugs were badly needed by the medical teams and even the whole county.

Sinqi Pharmaceutical urgently allocated drugs to support the disaster area

As a national enterprise that repeatedly has aided and participated in assisting natural disasters and social public welfare activities, Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. paid close attention to the help request conditions in the disaster area after the earthquake took place.

After learning about drug deficiencies in the disaster area, Mr. Newsun, Chairman of Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., immediately contacted Professor Wei Ruili, tutor of Dr. Yu Danyang, and clearly learned the pharmacy demands on the front lines. At the same time, Mr. Newsun rapidly organized manpower and material resources in person, arranged plant production and allocated resources from different places around the country. He delivered a batch of ophthalmic drugs worth more than RMB 40,000 to the disaster area in order to relieve the problem of insufficient drugs in the disaster area.

Sinqi Pharmaceutical wished to promptly relieve people’s eye injury pain in the disaster area and spread its love to people in Ludian. As a national pharmaceutical enterprise, Sinqi Pharmaceutical will fully support epidemic prevention work after disasters. 


Donated Drug List from Sinqi Pharmaceutical

Donated drugs:

Ofloxacin Eye Ointment: 1440;

Ofloxacin Eye Drops: 1200


Thanks to Professor Wei Ruili for his information and assistance in the donation activity!

Salute to Dr. Yu Danyang and medical teams on the front line!

Salute to the People’s Liberation Army!

Bless Ludian, come on!